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Through compelling stories, Life Focus uses the power of television to share the life-altering impact of the Christian faith. The stories topics range from tackling ordinary life challenges, such as illness or financial burdens, to more extraordinary circumstances, such as sex trafficking, survival against all odds, and celebrity profiles.

  • Rape is the number one weapon of war.

    Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing

    For the last twenty years, men, women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo have lived through what the United Nations described as one of the deadliest conflicts in modern African History. As a result, 50% of its inhabitants suffer from post–‐traumatic stress disorder. Troubled by the level of lingering trauma in this post–‐war […]

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  • Hope in Tragedy

    Hope In Tragedy

    by Pamela Myers   Why do bad things happen to me? Why does God allow suffering? Can anything good come out of a bad situation?   Being in the middle of a tragedy feels overwhelming, scary and hopeless. The walls are caving in and it is impossible to see the light or way out. Suddenly, […]

  • Forgiveness


    by Pamela Myers Why should I forgive? What does it mean to forgive? What happens if I don’t forgive?   Forgiveness is a wonderful gift to receive. When we have wronged another, being forgiven by them feels good and frees us from guilt and regret. Yet it can be difficult to extend mercy to those […]

  • Afterlife


    by Pamela Myers   Where did my loved one go? Is there hope after the grave? Is there a heaven?   It can be devastating and painful when loved ones leave this world. Whether we know they are at the end of life or it’s completely unexpected, we never have quite enough time with them. […]