Through compelling stories, Life Focus uses the power of television to share the life-altering impact of the Christian faith. The stories topics range from tackling ordinary life challenges, such as illness or financial burdens, to more extraordinary circumstances, such as sex trafficking, survival against all odds, and celebrity profiles.

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“A Mind Misunderstood” – Season 2, Episode 8

A Mind Misunderstood 1

Life Focus will reveal the silent devastation Bipolar Disorder imposes on families, and look at real, practical steps they can take to receive help.

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“Hope for Rwanda” – Season 2, Episode 3

Hope for Rwanda 2

John Ruchyana founded an orphanage to help children left behind from a genocide that killed eight hundred thousand people in a hundred days. But not long after, he lost all funding for Rwanda’s Orphans. Through it all, and with some help, they were able to rebuild the school for the orphans, universities for its graduates and businesses for its adults.

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“Oh Boy!” – Season 3, Episode 1

Oh Boy! Episode

Boys’ imaginations can take them from a backyard to a battlefield where they will pretend to be heroes or villains as they rescue and conquer, but some think, “Is this normal behavior?” In this episode, we’ll look at this family’s well-studied approach to raising boys.

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