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Life Focus Communications is a nonprofit organization that uses digital media to share inspirational stories about the life-changing impact when faith and life intersect. Our productions feature authentic stories from people who discover extraordinary strength while facing life’s greatest struggles. 

We are grateful for your interest in our work and invite you to join us in being a part of sharing the power of Christ with the world. Your donation will help us proclaim Jesus’ love and hope through our digital media productions with powerful, moving narratives showing that God responds to the cries of our hearts and hears our prayers. 

Our upcoming production, Life Focus with Mona Hennein, created for public television, will help those who are dealing with some of life‘s greatest struggles: suicide, caring for the elderly, addiction, and more. As a 501c3 nonprofit ministry, donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by the law. You will also have the joy of knowing that you are bringing the hope found in Jesus Christ to millions around the world!

Your generous gift will help others find their faith through Life Focus’ powerful productions. When you donate to Life Focus Communications, you join our family and become a part of helping change the world for Christ.