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Healing Hearts Club

A television ministry to distressed children
in the Middle East


Most Arabic-speaking children live in areas where war, abuse, natural disasters, and acts of terror overshadow their spiritual and mental development. Many children have either experienced or are at high risk of facing trauma. The proposed 10-part children’s television series provides an opportunity for the young to understand and cope with their feelings and begin their journey of healing. 

With expected broadcast to millions of children in the Middle East on television networks such as SAT 7 Kids and Nejma Television, that serve the entire Middle East territory (including Saudi Arabia and Syria. This 10-episode pilot television series is based on the curriculum developed by the American Bible Society: Healing Children’s Wounds of Trauma. Each episode will include the unfolding story of Joseph as it relates to a new episodic situation for Hoda and Youssef to navigate, as well as a memory verse sung in Arabic.


Help us reach vulnerable children by addressing their trauma with the love of Jesus. By ministering to children, we also influence their future and the countries they live in. Your gift will help us share the Gospel message with them.