Life Focus:

An Egyptian Woman Explores Faith

A television series created for public television (PBS)


Come with me-- an Egyptian born, born again Christian-- as I share the raw, candid details of my personal journey toward finding God. Experience moving stories of people who discover that, through life’s most daunting circumstances, it is their relationship with God that gives them strength. Witness the ways God works today, often drawing us to Him through life’s many obstacles, blessing us with humor and joy along the way. 

Each half hour episode tells a unique personal story. While I reveal my most painful moments or invite others to share their life stories, viewers will journey with us on a passionate search for God. Every personal account inspires hope and faith, demonstrating that God is alive and well… and on the move. We invite viewers to examine their own lives-- they just may discover that God has been working behind the scenes all along.

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With each half-hour program of this 10-part series, we will explore some of life’s deepest struggles through intimate and personal accounts.

Our episodes include:


Episode 1

From Middle East to America and Back Again: A personal story of renewed faith

As the daughter of the first Egyptian Presbyterian missionaries to reach the south Sudan 60 years ago, I decide to return to my birthplace in Egypt to learn more about my family’s history and my parent’s legacy. A remote village five hours south of Cairo where my father was born became the birthplace of my new-found faith. The village, El Garf Sarhayn, had not changed in over 2000 years but it would change me forever. I discover how my remarkable pioneer parents had led a life of astonishing faith, bravery, and love.

Episode 2

Hani’s Goodbye: Making Sense After Suicide

It has been six years since my adult older brother, Hani, decided to end his own life. What causes people to take this drastic step? How could my brother, a world-renowned pediatric surgeon who saved hundreds of lives, choose to end his own? How can we prevent this tragedy from striking other families? I share the underlying pain in Hani’s life that I wish he had shared with me. We encourage the viewer to realize that no pain or secret is beyond the love of God. 


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