God is truly using you to do what you do. The programs are excellent!
— Cathy W.
I must say that Life Focus television has continually proven to be well-written and informative. It offers hope to the viewers while maintaining a strong moral fiber and integrity.
— Maddy M.
We are proud to be the presenting station for Life Focus, a multi-Emmy award winning series. Every episode captures about real people grappling with tough life issues, and demonstrates how faith made the difference for them. We look forward to another season of programming, which will inspire public television viewers.
— Ken. K.
Thank you, Life Focus for giving women the dignity they need, when they are trapped in a life of prostitution. Your program demonstrated compassion and real answers for women and our society to help free young ladies form a life of virtual imprisonment.
— Vivian K.
Life Focus is truly a one of a kind program that presents stories of hope. In each episode, viewers gain amazing insights on issues that affect us all. We use these episodes as discussion pieces at our church.
— Peter K.
I was captivated. Watching Life Focus was a God-send. This program was filled with the love of Jesus Christ.
— Eileen G.
It’s a mighty ministry.
— Paul R.
Your program gripped me from beginning to end.
— Margaret S.
It touched my heart deeply.
— Janice L.