About Us

Life Focus Communications is a 501c3 non-profit ministry founded in 2012 by President and CEO Mona Hennein. We produce real life stories that inspire real hope, demonstrating the grace and goodness of God’s love in our lives. Over the last decade, Life Focus has broken barriers in both television and radio by presenting quality faith based programs. Unlike any other Christian series to date, our Emmy award winning series were welcomed on television without regard to network, political, or religious affiliation. This wide acceptance demonstrates the yearning many people have to understand the power of faith and its relevance in everyday living. Our main product is Life Focus Television which broadcasts to over 100 million homes through PBS and 44 million homes on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest faith network in the world. Our network affiliates include PBS, TBN, TCT, Cornerstone Television, Miracle Channel, Parables TV, and many others.


Our Mission & Vision

Life Focus Communications is committed to produce television and radio programs illustrating God’s goodness, hope, and grace through powerful, inspirational, personal stories. Life Focus Communications strives to increase the credibility and appeal of the Christian worldview among secular people.

Our Values

  • Honor God: We want to glorify God through our programs. We pray our work will help others experience a deeper relationship with Him.
  • Excellent Production: We strive for the highest artistic and technical standards because we understand the importance of our mission and message.
  • Authentic Stories: We discover and share remarkable stories that reveal significant issues, values, and character.
  • Relationships: We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in our personal and business relationships. Understanding our viewers, partners, and programmers and taking the time to build meaningful relationships are essential to our mission.