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A one-hour documentary that examines the lingering trauma handed down from the American slavery system. Men and women describe how they broke the emotional chains passed down from their slave ancestors. Others demonstrate the moral courage needed to face their own racial attitudes. In this film, all viewers face the roots of American racism and the processes that usher lasting reconciliation.

Real Healing and Freedom cannot happen unless we talk about it.
— Psychiatrist Michael Lyles

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In this documentary we meet:


Rev. Keith Marshall Williams

The great-grandson of a sharecropper, his mother, his grandmother, his children and grandchildren. Through five generations, we trace the pain carried down through unresolved trauma.

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Phyllis Smith

Cousin of Emmett Till, whose murder in 1954 catalyzed the Civil Rights movement.  Smith discusses the trauma that has been trapped in her heart and the healing that comes through her Christian faith.

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Rev. Greg Thompson

A pastor and scholar who examines his family background of white supremacy and talks about the steps he and his congregation have taken to repent from racist thinking.

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Dr. Alvin Poussaint:

Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who describes “PostTraumatic Slave Syndrome,” the vulnerability African American’s carry from generation to generation.  He describes how unresolved trauma stemming back to slavery manifests personally and socially today.

Rev. Charlie Dates

The Senior Pastor of Chicago’s Progressive Baptist Church describes the historical and present role of the black church in providing a safe haven for African Americans, especially during the Great Migration. But, today, he says the black church will take the lead in demonstrating the power of Christianity to heal and to offer reconciliation and forgiveness to the problems we face today. 

Dr. Harriet Hill

Dr. Hill, the architect a biblical trauma healing program describes how community leaders to address generational trauma stemming from slavery. We attend one of  her teaching sessions and learn how her biblical trauma healing seminar help pastors, counselors and social workers recognize their own prejudices so that they can go out and begin the process of listening to others and recognize their own prejudices so that they can go out and begin the process of listening to others and healing in their communities. 

What viewers are saying:

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We just learned all our lives to keep these thoughts to ourselves. And now, someone is giving us voice.
— Ronnie F., New Haven, CT
It’s masterfully put together.
— Rita P., Philadelphia, PA
For the first time, someone addressing an issue that goes deep into our souls.
— Lillian S., Charlotte, NC
Thank you for this program that enlightens our viewing audience!
— Sibyl M, Programming Manager, Chicago, IL
(It’s a) therapeutic experience in and of itself…
— Charisma Magazine

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