About Mona Hennein

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I founded Life Focus Communications over a decade ago with a desire to tell stories of personal faith and share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with the world. We are committed to producing television and radio programs that illustrate God’s goodness through powerful, inspirational, authentic stories. 

As the daughter of missionaries, I professed Christianity almost my entire life. But after a series of personal tragedies-- marriage troubles, financial loss and my brother’s suicide -- I decided that Christianity, as I knew it, wasn’t working for me. It seemed to me that God was either a cruel God or didn’t exist. If he did exist, why didn’t He see me? Why didn’t He answer my prayers? 

After a painful, two-year journey of searching, I discovered what it really meant to be a Christian. I found that real faith meant understanding and knowing God’s Son, Jesus Christ. I learned that God is not a genie in a bottle, simply existing to make my life better or meet my demands. He is so much more than that. Jesus is now my savior, my mentor, and my friend. 

The Lord has used my journey to inspire others. In each of our productions, we see His power through the inspirational stories that others share. We hope our work will draw Christians to a deeper connection with Jesus while also sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the secular world and nonbelievers. Thank you for your interest in Life Focus Communications.

God bless,